17 Useful and Productive Websites for Web Developers

As developers, we always want to work the smart way, but finding the right tools for the right job can sometimes be intimidating. I have listed some useful websites that will help us as web developers be more productive.

  1. Lottiefiles

Lottiefiles is a website that contains lightweight animations you can use for your projects. They have thousands of animations that can be used for free and they are used by designers and developers from over 135,000+ companies worldwide.

Check it out here: lottiefiles.com

2. Animista

It is an awesome website that contains CSS animations you can use on-demand. Choose the animation style you want and download/copy the corresponding CSS.

Check it out here: animista.net

3. uiverse.io

This tool contains a Universe of UI elements to help you stand out

Check it out here: uiverse.io

4. Neumorphism.io

Generate Soft-UI CSS code. Neumorphism is a new UI design trend that is gaining popularity. You can read more about that to see what it is here.

check this tool out here. neumorphism.io

5. Box Shadows

Box shadows website is an easy way to customize and generate your desired box shadows.

See it here: box-shadow.dev

6. CSS clip-path maker

The clip-path property allows you to make complex shapes in CSS by clipping an element to a basic shape (circle, ellipse, polygon, or inset). You can check the current browser support from caniuse.com

Check it out here clippy

7. CSS Gradient

Check it out here: cssgradient.io

8. Logoipsum

This website contains Free logo placeholders you can use as mockups or for your projects. You can just download/copy an SVG placeholder logo and use it before you think about an actual logo later. They have different logo styles which are all free to use.

Check it out here: logoipsum.com

9. Lorem Picsum

Lorem picsum is a place to generate random photos for your project. It is very easy to use. you just have to add the URL to your image source and that’s it.
Interestingly, you can add your desired image size, (width and height),
you can also get a specific image by adding the image id to the URL. You can find a list of all the images here.

You can also get

  • Colored images
  • Grayscale images
  • Blurred images and more

Check this out here picsum.photos

10. Removebg

It’s a free website used to remove image backgrounds. it is very powerful and 100% free. You just add your image and it will automatically remove the background. They also have plugins that allow you to integrate with some software like photoshop, Figma, and others.
Check it out here: www.remove.bg

11. Profile Pic Maker

This site is used to make cool profile pictures from any photo. Just Upload your photo and that’s it.

Check it out: pfpmaker.com

12. compressor.io

This is a fast & efficient image compression tool. Websites images are usually too big and unoptimized for web purposes. compressor.io makes it easy to save a few megabytes by compressing your assets without noticing any loss in quality. You get huge compression while keeping the quality of the picture intact. I use it almost every time I am working on a project which involves images.

Check it out here: compressor.io


Meta Tags is a tool to debug and generate meta tag code for any website.
It lets you edit and experiment with your content and then preview how your webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more!
Check this out here: https://metatags.io/

14. Readme editor

For Creating readme. it makes it very easy to customize your readme files.
It allows you to quickly add and customize all the sections you need for your project’s readme.

Check this out: readme.so

15. Font joy

It’s a Font pairing website used to generate combinations of fonts. You can lock a font to generate other pairings. Text is editable and can be replaced.
The goal is to generate fonts that work together well.

Check it out here: fontjoy.com

16. Unminify

It is a free tool to unminify/unpack your code to make it look pretty.
You can unminify,

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSON

You can paste the code, browse or drag and drop the file, and load a URL.
It is a very useful tool for Web developers.

Check it out here: unminify.com

17. Carbon

Most of us Know and love Carbon. It’s a tool for creating and sharing beautiful images of source code. It provides you with different themes and you can write your code in so many different languages. You have many options on how to customize the look of your source code and where you can use it.

Check it out here: carbon.now.sh

That’s it, Go make stuff.



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